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Walk 8 - 3.9 miles -Walks 1+2 Dunearn to Craigkelly transmitter round Bread Hill,  the Dam and back along the new path.

Walk 9 - 4.9 miles -Walks 1+7 Dunearn,  the Dam, Craigkelly transmitter, Binnend and  back over the Binn.  Return by the new path.

Walk 10 - 5.1 miles - Walks 1+2+3 Dunearn, Standing Stanes Road, Cycle Way, Binnhead Craigkelly transmitter, the Dam and back by the new  path or additionally            via the Binn 5.2 miles

Walk 11-  7.9 miles - Walks 1+2+3+4. Dunearn, Standing Stanes Lane, Kissing trees Lane, Craigencalt, B923 Binnend, Binnhead, Craigkelly transmitter,  the Dam, new path. Or via the Binn, 7.8 miles

Walk 12- 2.9 miles - Walks 2+3 Standing Stanes road, Cycle way, Binnend, Binnhead, Craigkelly transmitter, the Dam, Gale Slap plantation or via the Binn 3.0 miles.

Walk 13- 5.7 miles - Walks 2+3+4 Standing Stanes road, Kissing Trees Lane, Craigencalt, B 923,  Binnend, Binnhead,  Craigkelly Transmitter, the Dam, Gale Slap plantation, or via the Binn, 5.6 miles.

Walk 14- 5.6 miles - Walks 4+7 Kinghorn Loch; Craigencalt,  B 923, Binnend, the Binn, the Dam, Craigkelly transmitter, Binnhead, Binnend, the Cycle way, Standing Stanes Road, Kissing Trees Lane.

Walk 15- 6.9 miles - Walks 4+5 Kinghorn Loch, Behind the old Leather Works site, Kinghorn Golf Course, Grangehill, B 923, Binnend, Cycle way, Standing Stanes road, Kissing trees lane.

Walk 16- 9.1 miles - Walks 5+4+3+2+1. Kinghorn Loch, Kinghorn Golf Course, Grangehill, B 923, Binnend, the Binn, the Dam, new path, Dunearn, Standing Stanes road, Kissing Trees lane.

Walk 17- 6.9 miles - Walk 16 to the Dam and up the through Gale Slap Plantation to Standing Stanes Lane and back via Kissing trees lane.

Walk 18 - 7.1 miles - Walk 16 over the Binn, and back to Craigkelly Transmitter, and its driveway back to Standing Stanes road and then via Kissing trees lane.

Walk 19 - 10.0 miles or more. Park in Kinghorn (near the cemetery or Park place, Walk up to the golf course. Take the track to Grangehill and the  B 923, Walk 5 and  then to Binnend. Walk 4 Over the Binn Walk 7 to the Dam and down to the A909 Walk 1 Follow the new path to Dunearn and opposite where the lane meets the A909 is a track to Aberdour. On reaching the A 921, either go down the hill 50 yds and take the path on the left along the Heughs, [Walk 6] and thence to Burntisland, or into the village and  follow the coastal  path down to Aberdour  harbour and around Hawkcraig Point and along to Burntisland and Kinghorn, making an 11 mile walk. One could start in Aberdour, parking beside the Station. But it is recommended that whatever way you go, use the Coastal  path for the last half of the walk as it is  a good solid path, fairly level, with refreshment, and resting points along the way. Of course you could also take the train from Aberdour or Kinghorn, or vice-versa.

Longer and composite walks

Walks around Kinghorn, Burntisland and Aberdour

Compiled by Mike Gilbert.

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west of The Binn

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north of The Binn

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Craigkelly & The Binn

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Glassmount & Kinghorn Loch

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Grangehill & Kinghorn Loch

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The Binn

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