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Rear (from left):

Collett Salvona, James Willis, Marty Melvin, Fraser Ballantyne, Alex Cook, Alex Gibb, Neil Chalmers.

Front (from left):

Marilyn Edwards, Sadie Wilson, Lynnette Gray, Rena Wallace.


Fraser Ballantyne

Vice Chairman

Alex Gibb


Marilyn Edwards, Craigencalt Cottage, Kinghorn, Fife, KY3 9YG

Tel: 01592 891330

E-mail secretary


Rena Wallace


Neil Chalmers

Alec Cook

Martin Melvin

Collett Salvona

Lynnette Gray

Sadie Wilson

James Willis

Fife Councillors.

Cllr Ron Edwards, Craigencalt Cottage, Kinghorn, Tel: 01592891330 (Labour)

Cllr George Kay, 25 Kirkbank Road, Burntisland, Tel: 01592872901 (SNP)

Cllr Susan Leslie, 1 Grampian Gardens, Kirkcaldy, (LibDem)

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Community Councillors