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These sources include:

Some information about the men listed on Kinghorn War Memorial is also to be added in the future but for now just their names are listed here.

If you cannot find your ancestor in the Kinghorn records then it is worth trying the neighbouring parishes of Abbottshall, Kirkcaldy or Burntisland.

Note: The baptisms and marriages listed online only cover the established Church of Scotland and the Catholic Church. In the eighteenth and nineteenth century there were many other churches in Scotland where baptisms and marriages were carried out. These included the Free Church of Scotland, burgher churches and Quaker churches, plus many others. Records for these churches may be in the National Records of Scotland; some are held privately and some have been lost. At different times Kinghorn had several Free Churches and a Burgher church.

Article by Ginny Reid

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People often contact us with family history enquiries about Kinghorn or about the surname Kinghorn. Whilst we cannot help with individual enquiries we have put some sources here that people can follow up themselves. If you are researching an ancestor who lived in Kinghorn then we hope that you will find the links here useful. More links will be added with future updates.

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