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10am, Thursday 13th January.

With the sun shining almost horizontally along the length of the loch and thick ice over 90% of the water, this grey heron probably wonders what it can do to catch fish as it reconnoitres at the shallow head of the loch.

Photo: Ron Edwards

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Spirits of the Snow......

Sarah woke with a start.  A feeling of weird unease was deep inside her.  The room of the ancient cottage was silent and still as usual, but she was certain there was something.

A story for youngsters continues.....

How about writing for the Writers Corner.

Trying your hand at canoeing at the Come & Try Day in May can get you wet.
Work on the Rodan Braes path proves well worthwhile with glorious views of Edinburgh and the Pentland Hills.
Piteadie Castle in the snow across the gorse hillocks from Craigencalt.

Seal pup in October peeks over mum to see what is going on on the shore.

The colony at Seafield is one of many in the Firth of Forth.

The sand flats between Pettycur and Burntisland and the shores beyond are a RAMSAR site of very special conservation value.  Home to a multitude of waders and ducks, birds such as Oystercatchers, Redshanks, Lapwing and Curlew (shown here) which come inland onto the pasture fields during high tide and during bad weather.

Fond occasions of 2010 and frustration with the Viewpoint project.

Fife Council continues to drag its feet over the Planning Application for the Cemetery Viewpoint despite Transportation apparently being happy with the proposals and all the funding being in place.  Part of the cliff at Pettycur is netted and is causing concern but is some 150 metres from the Viewpoint location. The Council is concerned about safety of the rocks and is investigating this. However they are

also going to investigate the rocks right along the length of the cliff, including beneath the Viewpoint.  The matter was raised before June as a Safety issue for the area but investigation has not yet started.  It is inconceivable to everyone that the Viewpoint project could affect the cliff or vice versa - it is 11 metres back from the edge and is designed to improve safety.

“I’d like to think that long ago,

There fell to earth some drops of snow,

That loved this cold grey world of ours

So much, they stayed as snowdrop flowers”

Author not known

Danny Wallace © picture of a kingfisher sitting on an icy branch at the head of the loch.  Also see Danny Wallace gallery.

What a wonderful picture from Danny........ at 7th February 2011