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Sources specific to Kinghorn people

Source 1.

Fife Family History Society has published an index to names in the Kinghorn Deeds , 1682 - 1832  at:  

The Kinghorn Deeds include transactions involving land and property; probate and contracts.

Source 2.

Voters Lists for the Parish of Kinghorn. 1832. 1867-1892. Available in Kirkcaldy Central Library and also available on

Source 3

Taxation Records for Kinghorn

The earliest census available for Kinghorn is 1851 and it can be difficult to find information on people prior to this time. Taxation records can provide an alternative source of information about people before the census. There are several different taxation records for different periods:

The only surviving part of the Kinghorn Poll Tax is for Invertiel. There was only one name listed: William Andersone, merchant and baillie of Invertiel who paid ten thousand merks (Scots) in 1698.

This lists almost every head of household in 1690/91 as it lists every householder with a ‘hearth’ or fireplace.  A transcript of the Hearth Tax is available here [link to hearth tax file]

A transcript of the Kinghorn Window Tax is available here [link to window tax file]

The Farm Horse Tax including images for Kinghorn  is available here:

The Clock and Watch Tax for Fife including images for Kinghorn is available here:

Source 4

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