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...News as at 12th March 2013

Kinghorn Community website works with CRCT to welcome visitors and residents to enjoy this beautiful countryside and watery pursuits.  Some linked pages are on the CRCT website.

Good news.  The Ecology Centre has abandoned its plan (in consort with two other parties) to propose to build three massive wind turbines on the top of The Binn/Tournament Hill, which has generated great opposition and concern.  The rethink on this scheme appears to have come about due to plans for more antennae on the TV mast.  While there is so much subsidy to be gained from wind turbine development we will always have to be vigilant to protect inappropriate sitings.  It is a matter of ensuring appropriate development on a scale in keeping with the visual setting and overall environment.

The Ecology Centre was asked if they wished to comment and Julie Samuel, General Manger, said “..we have been working in partnership with OYO (Scotland) and local landowners to consider the potential for a wind project at Tournament Hill, not far from where The Ecology Centre is sited.  After detailed further investigations, the constraints upon the site, and in particular transmissions from Craigkelly Transmitting Station along with an increased planning risk due to the cumulative impact of other turbines and proposed turbines in the area, has led both OYO (Scotland) and The Ecology Centre to withdraw from the Tournament Hill project.  We are looking into other sites for turbines which could contribute to renewable energy targets and bring in a sustainable income into the charities”.

I personally hope they leave this beautiful area alone.

Ron Edwards

Fife Council ready to take forward the Cemetery Viewpoint.

Viewpoint 2.jpg Viewpoint 3.jpg Pettycur harbour.jpg Pettycur sunset.jpg Pettycur sands.jpg

The planning application was held up for two years while the stability of the cliff face was investigated but has now been granted.  Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) has proven to be keen on this development within the geological SSSI and so is Fife Council Community Services.  The service is now keen to see the viewpoint built and the whole area finished (they completed the steps in the earlier phase).  The fully funded project should now proceed apace with the community council opting to ask Fife Council to take over the build.

Exciting projects that are getting underway.

CRCT (Craigencalt Rural Community Trust) seeks to represent everyone who lives or enjoys the countryside around Kinghorn and especially on and around Kinghorn Loch and Craigencalt.  The Trust has worked closely with respective landowners and sports groups to create projects to improve the area and will be taking forward a set of projects during 2013 to complement the work completed last year.  The Trust has over 100 Friends who support the organisation, attend presentations and social events, and help with projects.  The present project load will keep all willing helpers busy but happy in 2013!

CRCT, through its Kinghorn Pathways committee, is taking forward the very exciting further improvement of Rodanbraes Pathway in a very productive co-operative effort with Rio Tinto Alcan, the landowner.  Not only will parking be provided for a disabled minibus, but is working on making the whole path, despite being quite steep, fully disabled accessible.  A children’s adventure area is planned, Interpretation Panels and shelter, picnic area and a grassy bank with great views for sitting out on.  The project work based around Binnend and the Whinnyhall site promises to be very exciting.  The Trust has funded the first improvements to signposting and have printed “Wildflower Cards” for the interest of adults and children, which are now available for school walks and soon available at an Information Kiosk at the loch which is being built by CRCT.

The Trust is now funded to carry out improvements to the Burnside Path and work is proceeding apace.  Its level surface will be easily maintained by the Trust in future.  This improvement is long awaited by many walkers and we hope to complete it within the next few weeks.

In addition, a new path has been driven through the North Mire that makes it easy for walkers, cyclists and horse riders to use and easy to maintain.  It now provides a long walk throughout Craigencalt for those that want it.  

Kinghorn Loch Users Group (a committee of CRCT) is working on a new Nesting Platform as the previous one, completed in Spring, unfortunately did not survive the weather and the storms.  This will be funded through our annual summer BBQ.  KLUG also wants to repair some bank erosion and put in a new slipway, while continuing with maintaining the barley straw rafts to control any algal blooms.

Exciting times - please contact the Trust if you would like to help make this happen.

Opening of the Town Hall after renovation

Bronze freeze on the Alexander III monument

Promoting the Royal Burgh of Kinghorn.

Kinghorn’s association with ancient kings is well known and bestowed it as an ‘Royal and Ancient Burgh’. Kinghorn held this status proudly for over 800 years until Regionalisation was introduced in 1973.  The status was lost for reasons we do not understand.  Places like David 1st Street, Queen Margaret Street and Alexander III Street all refer to Kinghorn’s long and important past, and of course there is the memorial to Alexander III which looks over Pettycur Bay where he fell to his death when returning to his Queen who was in Kinghorn.

Over last year, a group of local residents, together with the Historical Society, have gained popular support for Kinghorn to have the title of Royal Burgh reinstated. They took their petition to the Community Council who agreed to support it.  All parties met with Kirkcaldy Area Committee of Fife Council and it was agreed that Kinghorn should have new signage to recognise  its important past.

The Lord Lyon has now granted the change of name for the Community Council to be known as The Royal burgh of Kinghorn Community Council Kinghorn and Fife Council will alter the road signage to include the Royal Burgh designation.