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What’ new?

- Wait for news of the improved No. 7 bus service both to give a direct service to Ferrytoll (for Edinburgh) and also to the Victoria Hospital.  We await confirmation for an August start;

- The Ecology Centre planning application has been approved by Kirkcaldy Area Committee at the Town House, Kirkcaldy on Wednesday 24th March.  See Planning page for the debate on this controversial proposal;

- Cemetery Viewpoint plans go for planning permission (Secretary);

- Pathways Group presents its work to community council;

- Community Council could take forward proposal for community room in Harbour Toilets project.

  We request information on:

- Elgin Marbles reliefs in the Community Centre;

- old photos of Pettycur Harbour and a history of the original ferry service to Edinburgh;

- stories of wartime on the Kinghorn batteries.

If you can help please let us know.

News and Events

Great Crested Grebe & young

Thanks to some talented local photographers.  There are more  wonderful wild bird photographs on Danny Wallace’s page.

Coot nest in a tree Swallow

Picture of a Coot nest in a tree by Drew Wallace

Picture  of swallow

by Drew Wallace

Great Crested Grebe pair with young by Jim Brown

McTaggart’s Children

A major Centenary Celebration of the artist at Kirkcaldy Museum until 3rd October.

Check out the museums.

The Community Council Pathways Group started the ball rolling by identifying all the pathways that exist within the village through investigation and consultation, many of them of great antiquity.  Mike Gilbert has listed, mapped and photographed all of them. Fife Council access officers have studied these and identified which ones need to be taken to community investigation, as many are already Rights of Way or are adopted roads, tracks and paths.  This includes a number of important routes that people use to get to some of the small beaches, shortcuts and historical ways in the village.  Fife Council is now investigating these to see if villagers want to make all or selected ones into Rights of Way, which will give a permanent protection to their status.  

Over 90 people came to the consultation and provided the access officers with a wealth of information and memories of the paths, which will now have to be collated!!  They hope to report to the Community Council in September.

There is a great deal of information - maps, photographs and descriptions available through Mike Gilbert or the community council.  The list and map available online are just a taster.

Go to the “Planning” page for information on the application for a 78 bed Care Facility in the village and also news of the Cemetery Viewpoint application.

Marine Conservation Society

Beach Watch 2010
The litter pick and data survey will take place on Kinghorn Harbour Beach on Sunday 19th September at 10.30am.

Carol Rhodes.

Survey under way.

Please note that, as a sitting Councillor, I offer no opinion on any planning application prior to it being considered at committee - available information is presented to keep you informed.

Ron Edwards

Serif WebPlus

With shifting submerged sand banks and changed currents, it appears that the March storms continue to affect our ecosystem.  The last two weeks (to 15th September 2010) has seen large quantities of deeper water seaweed swept free and forming “tangle” on the beach.  Pettycur Beach and Burntisland Beach do not seem to have been affected.  Today, the Council has been working hard to remove the quite exceptional quantity that is on the high water mark and this is taken to the Dunnikier Depot (Kirkcaldy) where it is being chipped and turned to compost.  Hopefully the beach will be cleared in the next day or so.  Last Saturday was a low Spring tide and the photographs below show the life in the rock pools.

Clearing seaweed from the beach

Seaweed collection from the beach.


Pool life

Traffic in St James Place

Residents met officials from Fife Council Transportation on 15th September on the Prom to discuss how traffic can be better controlled to ensure that the prom is seen as “pedestrian priority” so that visitors to the beach can safely wander along this road and enjoy their time on the beach.  Traffic officers will come back in early November with suggestions on how this can be achieved and will have Government Guidance briefings to assist in finding a way forward.

Meeting residents on the Promenade.

Site meeting with residents.

(from this Springtime)