This is personal tribute to the determination of our daughter Sian to climb Ben Nevis in aid of the Sick Kids Friends Foundation, Edinburgh.  Sian spent much of her younger life attending the Sick Children’s Hospital and is now healthy and well thanks to the wonderful care there.  She is partially sighted so it is especially difficult for her to negotiate rocks, not knowing if the next rock is below or level with this one.

Saturday 24th September was the date set for the Ben Nevis Challenge.  The weather was stormy overnight but fortunately the morning looked reasonable.  Although cold and misty by the time the summit was reached, the weather remained in the groups favour and gave splendid views.  We all found it a strenuous hike, and the journey down seemed longer than the way up.  Sian cannot see down easily, so did exceptionally well to complete the course with a helping hand from her Dad.  After eight hours walking and climbing it was time for the celebration Disco.

We all agree it has been an exhilarating experience, meeting new folk, and achieving together.   The Edwards family are delighted to have raised £1,500 for this worthy cause.  This was a huge bonus of encouragement to the 28 trekkers taking part to raise money for the charity.   The group met up for the first time, the previous evening in Fort William and consisted of folk from Shetland to The Borders.  Just like us, many of the participants had first-hand experience of the support that The Sick Kids Hospital gives and wanted to raise funds as a way of expressing their appreciation.

Marilyn Edwards

Personal News - the Ben Nevis Challenge.

Sian above the half way lochan. Marilyn and Sian nearing the summit

It would be great to have your personal news on the website.  I am sure that friends throughout the world would be interested; just as our Australian relatives will enjoy the article above.

It was a tremendous night on the Links in Burntisland.  Excellent weather, mind and with a light wind, it was perfect conditions.  Burntisland Events group organises the Bonfire night with financial assistance from Fife Council and others.  It is a truly regional event and more than half of the volunteers stewards came from Kinghorn.  This is greatly appreciated and everyone had a good time.  The photo gallery below shows lots of photos from the event so just enjoy them.

The huge crowd was estimated to be greater than 8000 and the event started with Burntisland Pipe Band parading to and inside the torch lit bonfire arena. It was an impressive site with glo-lights attached to each of the pipes with the added inspiring sound from the pipes and drums.  Overhead a continuous laser beam shone which was sometimes difficult to spot in the light from the town.

Radio Lollipop (fundraising for Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh) kept the entertainment going for the whole of the event.  At 7.00pm exactly the bonfire was lit on cue from the Summer Queen’s party audibly supported from Radio Lollipop. Within minutes the enormous bonfire was entirely ablaze and spectacular.

The fireworks display commenced shortly after.  The night sky was lit up by 21cc Fireworks who are based at the Hopetoun Estate near Edinburgh. It was their first time in Burntisland and they certainly excelled themselves. The show started gently and colourfully, building and building through a range of dynamic and fun set pieces creating a storyboard of effects. There were large sections and small sections, fast sections and slow sections - something for everyone. A short period of continuous fountains was included within the display. Then the sky was lit up with many interesting shapes and multiple cosmic bursts. The finale was outstanding with the largest, noisiest and most intense section of the show.

What was noticeable was the huge and appreciative round of applause from the crowd at the end of the show. The feedback from everyone is that it was that it was one of the best fireworks display that has ever been seen in Burntisland.

Ian Archibald