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The Pathways Group has been re-installed by the Community Council to take forward a number of projects.  Douglas Gray is the new Chairperson and Rena Wallace is Secretary.  Key amongst the projects is the desire to put all the pathways within Kinghorn on a firm footing by seeking to validate them as Rights of Way.  The group has studied every path and Mike Gilbert has mapped every one of these.  Fife Council Access Officers are soon to open an official consultation with the community.  The exercise to date has yielded a huge amount of historic information on our pathways and produced a wealth of interest.  Watch this space for further news once the consultation gets going.

Circular path via North Mire, Kinghorn

The group recently “walked” a number of existing paths to see about improving access.

As a result of this the North Mire section of path has been opened up (it is prone to being overgrown) and this now gives the opportunity for a number of interesting and enjoyable circular routes from the village.  The one illustrated is just over 2 miles from the High Street or Railway Station.  The 7 and 7A buses stop close to the Mire.

Potentially even more exciting is the work being done on the Rodan Braes pathway.  This has always been inclined to close in the summertime due to growth and has not been possible to mow.  However, Rio Tinto Alcan, who own this land, have very kindly agreed to engage with the Community Council to open up the path.  They have improved the surface greatly, and it is intended to grass the route in Autumn.  There are a number of great initiatives that could be carried out on this pathway and we will be talking to Alcan.  In the meantime it is a pathway with great views, some of which are shown below.  If you feel that you can help the group to make this path something special please contact the secretary.

Rodan Braes pathway, Kinghorn

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