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For details of planning applications and on-line plans to view, go to FifeDirect.  You can view all details including the plans themselves.  The community council is a statutory consultee for applications and considers these at its meetings.

For more details of planning applications go to the e-planning website.

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Please note that, as a sitting Councillor, I offer no opinion on any planning application prior to it being considered at committee - available information is presented to keep you informed.

Ron Edwards

The plans for a huge new Ecology Centre to be built directly on the east bank of the loch has been given the go-ahead by Fife Council, against the unanimous objection by the community council and a large number of residents of the village.  The reasoning seems to be that the Ecology Centre obviously believes that it cannot stay at Craigencalt Farm; while others believe that the farm and its fields are the ideal location for an ecology centre and building around the loch is not welcomed.  While I declared an interest in objecting to the proposal, and therefore did not take any part in the decision, I feel it is a sad day for the beauty of the loch. Click on picture for larger copy of the building.

The Community Council objection, other objections and letters of support can be accessed on FifeDirect

Councillor Ron Edwards

Controversial new Ecology Centre building given the go-ahead

Proposed new Ecology Centre at Kinghorn Loch

A Planning Application has been lodged for a Care Facility on the “Lochside” development which would provide 78 beds with many facilities for its residents. Have a look at the plans and supporting statement under application 10/02245/FULL on Fife Direct e-planning.  The application will be discussed at the community council meeting of 19th August at 7.30pm in the Community Centre.

There is also a Supporting Statement (provided within the planning application by the applicant) which gives a description of the proposed facility and what it would offer the residents.

You can comment on the proposal through e-planning, whether this is in support or to lodge an objection.

As a sitting Councillor I make no subjective comment or observation on the application prior to Fife Council committee consideration. The information is provided for your perusal.

Revised plans for the Cemetery Viewpoint.

Revised Viewpoint plan (July 2010)

The Community Council planning application for the Cemetery Steps Viewpoint at Inch View can be viewed on e-planning as 10/000985/FULL.

Originally Fife Council Transportation encouraged the Community Council to bring the pathway into the viewpoint from the south by breaching the barrier.  They have changed their mind and now insist that the barrier should not be altered.  As a consequence of this, fresh plans have been lodged with this disabled-accessible path coming in from the corner and using a “dog-leg” to maintain a suitable gradient.  This still gives good views and a suitable path but will delay the application.