Royal Burgh of Kinghorn - for residents and visitors alike

Now that the toilets at the beach have been fully refurbished the Council are proposing that the upper floor will be formed into a community room with panoramic views across the bay.  

The previous community council facilitated a meeting of interested groups to see if we could agree to uses that could be formed into a Business Case.  See the notes of 1st June meeting. In the event the Community Council prepared a Business Case and took this to Environmental Services.  The Community Council elections interrupted this process and progress is awaited in the New Year.

There were lots of good suggestions to take forward, and some incorporated into the Business Case, although space is too confined for all of it:

+ observational platform for whale, dolphin and bird-watching

+ combined with educational instruction/interactive area for children

+ visitor interpretation centre

+ Kinghorn environment centre (geology/ecology/history)

+ craft workshop/art studio/gallery

+ wet weather play area for children

+ community groups meeting place/office, such as for floral enhancement or improvements to Kinghorn.

There could be multi-use of the space for sharing the facility.

The project has remained at the discussion stage for a number of years and it is a great opportunity to grab it for the community.  The main thing is that the lease would have been at a peppercorn rent but with certain obligations for overseeing the toilets below.  It is now unlikely that the new Community Council will deliver for the community on this project.

I would urge everyone to take an active part in this project, we have waited a long time to realise it and the initiative is no longer with the community.

Marilyn Edwards  

Harbour Toilets Project

At its March 2010 meeting the previous community council decided to put in a proposal to Fife Council for the management of the community room over the toilets and the provision of cleaning services for the toilets. Unfortunately the new community council has abandoned the project and it is now up to the community at large to try to take it forward.

Kinghorn Community Council.
Viewing Point and Cemetery Steps project.


The aim is to enhance and refurbish the viewing area, gully and public footpath and steps from the cemetery area down towards Pettycur Beach.


To provide a safe and pleasant area and access for walkers and local people alike to sit and view, hold picnics on the sheltered lower platform and to allow safe access down the flight of steps to Pettycur Bay, beach and harbour area:

By diverting the current natural spring flow in a safe and environmentally friendly way which will improve health and safety issues that are currently a problem.  At the same time making the path more user-friendly and accessible to all with signage. This is completed.

By enhancing and improving the current picnic table area to include a viewing point which will benefit visitors and residents alike in their appreciation of the natural vista available from here.

By landscaping in a low maintenance way, providing a lasting local asset in an interesting fashion.

Plan for the Cemetery Steps & Viewpoint, Kinghorn The location of the Cemetery Viewpoint, Kinghorn The proposed view point

Marilyn Edwards, (former) Secretary, Kinghorn Community Council

The planning application has been on hold for some 15 months pending cliff investigations.  Hopefully the phase 2 project (the Viewpoint itself) can get underway soon.

The Phase 1, which is to sort out the flooding of the Cemetery Steps by spring water has been completed, under auspices of Fife Council.  

We still want your comments on improving the area around the Cemetery Viewpoint and the steps to Pettycur Beach. Please look at the brief and then let us have your views.  

Would you like to help to deliver this project or phase 3 with the community or memorial garden?

This section describes two wonderful projects that were developed by the previous Community Council and involved a great deal of community involvement and consultation.  Indeed the groups involved within the Community Council included a number of folk who were not community councillors.

Unfortunately and after considerable delays the new Community Council has abandoned the Harbour Toilets project, which would have provided an environmental resource and tourist information room at virtually no cost.  It is hoped that another community group can still retrieve the project but may not get the excellent deal that Fife Council was offering.

Two members of the present community council have objected to this interpretation of events and I have reproduced the email correspondence so that you can decide on the situation for yourself.  The Business Plan is attached for information.

The Viewpoint project has been held up while Fife Council carries out an investigation on the stability of the rock face at Pettycur.  Fife Council has now confirmed that the Viewpoint planning application can now be determined and hopefully the construction of the viewpoint, which remains fully funded, can proceed once Fife Council has carried out some remedial work on the actual cliff face.  The viewpoint itself can safely be constructed at its intended location.  Hopefully, within a month or two we will have an enthusiastic response from the Community Council to see the viewpoint project at this fantastic location moving forward.                                                                                              by Ron Edwards