Royal Burgh of Kinghorn - for residents and visitors alike

General sources for the History of the
Royal Burgh of Kinghorn.

Source 1.

Fife Library Service holds a large number of publications on the history of Kinghorn. A complete list may be accessed at:

Many of these publications may be consulted in the relevant library reading room or ordered through an inter-library loan. The following are of particular interest for general information about the history of Kinghorn:

 BALLINGALL, G. W: Historical Collections with Notes Regarding the Royal Burgh and the Parish of Kinghorn. 1905

CAIN, A., Kinghorn Parish Church.  Allen Litho, Kirkcaldy, printers.1979.

REID, Alan: Kinghorn: a short history and description of a notable Fifeshire town and parish. 1906.

STEVEN, W., The Industrial Archaeology of Fife 1790-1914. Unpublished Thesis. 1975.

Source 2.

British Listed Buildings. Selection of listed buildings in the Kinghorn area with reasons for the listing.

More sources to follow later.

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