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The Kinghorn Community Website ( is owned and administered by Ron Edwards (the “Author”) and will always be in support of the community of Kinghorn.  The site is maintained by the Author and is advised by a group of residents (the “Forum”) to ensure that the site always reflects well on Kinghorn.  No content will be retained that is considered to be detrimental to the spirit or health of the village.  The website is intended to inform and involve residents of Kinghorn, to encourage visitors and raise the profile of the village in the wider community.

The Author endeavours to ensure that the content of the website is not of an ill-mannered, unsuitable or illegal or offensive nature or degrading or hurtful to any resident of Kinghorn.  Inappropriate contributions entered through the interactive facilities  on the site will be removed.

The content of the website is intended to be non-political and unbiased with regard to the community and its groups and organisations. It is intended to be interesting, informative and interactive, and to reasonably promote the village and its surroundings.

The Author can make no guarantees as to the accuracy or origin of information presented in this site and and place no warranties upon its fitness for use in any situation. Readers should not act on any information gained from the site.

The website is non-profit-making and any surplus funds will be re-invested.

Use of the website.

The site and all material contained within it are for personal and non-commercial use only.  No part of the website may be copied, broadcast or adapted in any way without the prior permission of the Author.  Copies of the photographs contained within the website can be provided (generally at a much improved resolution) by the Author or other contributor (where named) by emailing the website contact.  While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information on the website, the Author cannot accept responsibility or liability for any inconvenience or loss caused by a person’s reliance on any text or images published within this website or other websites linked to or from or affiliated to it.

All content of the website is added by the Author in good faith and cannot be taken as the opinion of the Author, unless this is stated to be case.

Personal Information.

The website or the Author will not hold any personal details (relating to use of or contribution to the website) without the persons prior agreement.

Site Credits.

The Author, designer and developer of the site is Ron Edwards.
Media content on the site is determined by the the Author and Forum together.
Photos and text may be supplied by the Author, Forum and other interested parties - copyright remains with the contributor where named.

The domain names and, the  contract with the Website Hosting Service, and Copyright and all relevant rights to all materials within and for this website are owned or reserved by Ron Edwards.  Copyright of some materials, specifically annotated to another contributor, remains with that person. at 7th February 2011