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Sheena Berry

Devil’s Burdens
Douglas Gray

Kerry Watson

Black Gold Tanker Kenny Munro

Dragon in the Wood
Lynette Gray

The Seal
John Alexander

Country Walk
Les McConnell


Conchita McLachlan

Who are the “Kinghorn Artists”?

Glen Drian
Ian McLeod RSW DA(Edin.)

Conchita McLachlan’s work is inspired by the culture, history and landscape of her Spanish homeland and draws on memories and emotions of her upbringing in the province of Cadiz. Her work is produced using a combination of printed fabric, mixed media and collage.

Douglas Gray works in a variety of media to capture the towns, coasts and seas of Fife. The colourful oil paintings are developed from drawings done on the spot and a lively sense of humour is apparent in his relief prints which have found their way into collections, both at home and abroad.

Ian McLeod’s work is based on observation and realism. For Ian

“the starting point of a drawing or painting is creating an arrangement

of things, objects, mainly rusting and sea-scoured metal and wood

collected from beaches, docks and harbours, especially those of

the west coast of Scotland. Many people might consider it to be junk.

…… it is a rich source of inspiration with many pieces being recycled through different works”.

John Alexander’s work shows a lifelong fascination with the sea, from building and restoring boats, to line and creel fishing. He believes “we are witnessing the gradual demise of this former mainstay of our coastal communities from unsustainable methods only to be exacerbated by proposals for planned extraction of gas and oil close to shores. This can only be detrimental to marine life and the environment generally as we are seeing at the moment”.

Kenny Munro, in this year’s exhibition, will have mainly sculpture in bronze, stone and plaster. His short film “Rail Time” will be shown. It focuses on the Holiday Line which used to bring thousands of holidaymakers through Fife to the East Neuk. A unique sequence from Kinghorn in the 1930s is included.  

>The film was commissioned by East Neuk Festival 2010<

Since graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 1999, Kerry’s work has developed around the visual and emotional resonance of the landscape we live in – natural, agricultural, and industrial.

Kerry’s drawings and paintings are about human marks on the landscape and the physical presence of the land. Themes of memory and place have evolved into an interest in industrial or otherwise “unnatural” landscapes and how we affect our environment, leaving behind traces of human activity, adding geometry and an imposed visual order.

Sheena Berry works in a range of mixed media including watercolour, paper cut collage, graphite drawings, oil pastels and gouache paintings. She is inspired by many visual elements in life both natural and manmade and is a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art.

Lynette Gray is best known for her landscapes and botanical work. The natural world is her inspiration and she prefers to work from life, regarding the changing light as a challenge, to be quickly captured in watercolour, her medium of choice.

Les Mcconnell’s work is instantly recognizable. His watercolours glow with colour and are often meticulous executed, demonstrating a love of detail and texture.  Inspiration is found in the local landscape and coast. Still life is also an interest  and Les McConnell has a way of making everyday objects atmospheric and strangely meaningful.